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Vivint Security Monitor in Topeka
September 23, 2021

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Topeka?

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Topeka?

In the process of assembling your child’s first room, you carefully followed steps to build the crib, painted the walls a soothing pastel, and established the greatest diaper changing space ever. You’re now ready to decide the way you're going to watch over your precious one. You have the option of going with the typical monitoring choice that gives you the ability to listen in through a connected audio receiver, or you might step up the tech and get high-definition video, two-direction communications, and instant activation through motion detection.

The higher tech alternative kind of sounds like surveillance systems incorporated in a modern home security package, but would you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Topeka? 

What are you looking for in a baby monitor in Topeka?

In previous generations of parenting, a baby monitor was pretty simple. You put a microphone-type device in close contact to the sleeping area, which sends audio signals to a walkie-talkie-looking receiver. Thankfully, baby monitors now provide additional benefits. For instance, today’s monitors now have high-definition video feeds and two-way talk. You can also connect many monitors to your home’s wireless signal so you may move around wherever you want. The leading baby monitors in Topeka are so advanced that they are similar to interior surveillance systems in both functionality and expense.

Can you replace your baby monitor for a home security camera?

Knowing that baby monitors and home defense cameras incorporate similar capabilities, there are many people in Topeka integrating their child’s bedroom to their home security system. This approach is beneficial -- particularly when using to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor will include:

Night vision video: Your surveillance system should include 1080p HD resolution, and infrared LED technology for acceptable viewing of darkened rooms.

Two-direction audio: You won’t always have to go to the nursery to quiet your newborn back to a gentle slumber. A comforting word might be the only requirement to keep your little one asleep.

Motion sensors: While it’s possible to have your camera function around the clock to keep a close eye on your child, your attention could diminish over time. But if your video surveillance detects unusual activity, it can be programmed to send a message to your smartphone. This is helpful if your child soundlessly scales up the crib or if a pet noses into the space.

Save and send recordings: Many baby monitors aren’t able to save the video. Now you have the ability to transmit a 20-second clip to friends or family members to show them what a peaceful, precious baby you have.

Smartphone access: In lieu of carrying a separate device wherever you go, you can watch from your smart home mobile app. You can even check in on your young one and babysitter if you’re lucky enough to have a date night.

A security camera baby monitor may be part of your smart home installation

The nice thing about implementing a security camera as a baby monitor in Topeka is that it will work in unison with your additional smart home components. For instance, if you see that your little one is having trouble falling asleep, you have the ability to make adjustments to your smart thermostat from your smartphone app to increase the room’s comfort. In addition, as they awaken for their midnight feeding, you can gently raise the room's smart bulbs to indicate you’re coming. If you by chance have at least two kids in separate spaces, you can give each one an indoor security camera and monitor the feeds in a unified mobile app.

An indoor security camera in Topeka is a key component of your overall home security system

Whether you want a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or you simply want to enhance your residential protection, get started by contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint expert will carefully explain all the possibilities and work hard to configure the most suitable security system for your property. Place a call to (785) 268-2982 or complete the following form.